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Course Reviews

Over the years I’ve subscribed to or purchased just about every golf magazine known to mankind and I always laugh at the travel sections. I mean how many Average Joe’s (AJ) out there can afford to spend $400 / night for a room and then another $200-$300 for a round of golf? And that’s after paying airfare or gas or whatever to get “where you’re going!”

Hell yeah those courses are beautiful and yeah I’d like to play ’em but I’m certainly not going to plunk down $1,000 or more for a two-day getaway to Florida or North Carolina or California or New Zealand or Vietnam or Ireland to play a round or two of golf. Nah, that ain’t gonna happen. I just can’t afford it.

Let’s Get Realistic

But what’d be nice to know is where I can go that won’t break my bank account and that might not require an overnight stay. I’m talking primarily public courses. AJ’s don’t typically play private courses so there’s no reason to even list them. What I’m looking for are courses with amenities, beauty, layout, pace of play, ease to get to (let’s say one or two day trips), etc. for a reasonable rate. Say $100 or less per round.

Now I know members of the Northern California Golf Association (which I am) can play Poppy Hills (one of the Monterey Peninsula’s golf gems) and Poppy Ridge fairly cheaply. But an 18-hole rate for a non-NCGA member is considerably higher than $100 which removes Poppy Hills / Poppy Ridge from inclusion in this list.

I only want courses that AJ’s can play without permanent injury to one’s bank account