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Are Golf Magazine Subscriptions Worth It?

Golf MagazineAre golf magazine subscriptions worth the money? At one point or another I’ve subscribed to at least four golf magazines. The two major ones eventually won out over the others when I whittled down. Now, I’m proud to say, I’m down to one subscription. I like the magazine and find it useful up to a point.

I like the tips and lessons – even though they sometimes contradict eachother – I can only laugh at that and chalk it up to another remedy to try! I like “in-depth” articles about best spinning bikes, the “quality of life” articles, etc. One magazine had an interview/article about Mickey Mantle’s golf pro a year or so ago and I thought it was excellent. The same magazine interviewed Rocco Mediate and Darren Clarke in separate issues and they were fantastic. Recently the Dustin Johnson interview brought more light on the man. Each of the articles humanized and normalized these men.

I do find the enthusiasm with which the magazines delve into Tiger’s woes a little over the top. Personally, I’m in a quandary about Tiger. I loved to see him win “back in the day.” But since that fateful Thanksgiving eve, I’m not so much of a fan. Though I still find myself rooting for him. I was charged up when he made his charge in the Masters on Sunday. I was really pulling for him. It’d be interesting to see if one of those mags could humanize him. I’m really not sure it can be done.

The subscription deals they offer are good – not too much money is shelled out for a two-year sub. You do get useful information – but the same info and more can be found on free internet sites (and I don’t necessarily mean this one!).

For an Average Joe, I find their recommendations for apparel absurd. $150 for golf pants? $200 for a cardigan sweater? $250 for shoes? Socks for $90? C’mon… what muni or weekend golfer is going to spend that kind of money? Same with their wine recommendations. I’ll have a glass of wine now and then, but it usually comes out of a box or $3.99 bottle! I like Duffy and the Shark, and they undoubtedly know of what they speak, but choosing a wine from one’s wine cellar just isn’t in the cards for 90% of the world’s golfers.

Having said that I know the magazine has to appeal to all walks of life – blue collar as well as white collar. That’s fine. No issue with that.

But if you’re going to have a wine column, why not also have a similar column devoted to afficianados of beer!? Now the magazine would be targeting 90% more golfers! Advertisers like large readership and cross-platform target audiences. It’d be a win-win situation. They could even put the article in the back!

I’ll keep my sub until it runs out. Then I’m pretty sure I’ll let it lapse.

Unless they add the beer column.

Slowplayers? Ugh!

There’s one thing being a cautious and methodical player and one thing being agonizingly slow. We’ve all seen golfers in the wrong fairway, trying to decide on hitting over the trees or under to get back to our own fairway. All the while, the group behind are waiting their turn to tee off and the foursome in the wrong fairway are forcing the wayward golfer to wait to make his shot. Meanwhile his partners are scrambling around their own shots and trying to blast a 300 yard second shot with a 5 iron when their driver only made 200 at best. UGH!

Now I know not everyone can make shots that remain playable in the correct fairway all the time. Heck even pros don’t do that. But what really chaps my hide is those guys that wait and wait and wait to make that perfect shot that even a pro would try. Then duff it. Or maybe they hit – even hit it well – but they’re about 100 yards short of the group ahead – you know the one they were waiting for to clear the area! This is a common problem on public courses and it needs to be addressed.

That kind of play slows a round by hours when coupled with the same scenario playing itself out on several holes. The days of a 4.5 hour round are gone! But what can be done about it?